The DUCA Story

It all began when Jacob, founder and owner, completed his education in construction engineering and business administration in The Netherlands. A deep commitment to honest craftsmanship combined with a desire to build a fulfilling family life led him to move to the U.S., and marry his wife, Vivian. Together, they’ve been blessed with six children, as well as a successful business in the charming and growing City of Holland. The European Quality for Life mantra that tile and granite work embody is what first attracted Jacob to his trade. Today, his love for delivering unsurpassed quality in both materials and customer service endures, and extends to his talented, dedicated staff. From receiptionist to salesperson to engineer, our team does great work because we truly love what we do.

Family & Locally Minded

DUCA Stoneworks, Inc. is family owned and honored to serve the West Michigan community. While we’re proud to offer our customers a huge selection of beautiful materials from around the world, we also take great pride in making Holland, Michigan our home.

So What's With All The Dolphins?

You might notice Jacob has a quiet admiration for dolphins. That’s because dolphins represent harmony and balance. They symbolize an effortless, elegant performance. They remind us to view life through a playful and joyful lens. These are the characteristics that reflect how DUCA approaches every project.

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