Our Process is Playfully Painstaking

Consider our process a happy interrogation. (Sorry, but making sure you’re happy requires a lot of questions.) Don’t worry, we’re here to provide plenty of answers, too, as well as good cheer and laughter. After all, shopping for tile and granite should be fun.

From the moment you enter 120th Avenue, you’ll realize you’re much more than just another sale to us. You’re somebody with specific needs, goals and wishes. Our showroom is designed to feel welcoming and intimate, because we encourage exploration, interaction and conversation. Yes, by all means, touch the granite. Sure, you can bring samples home to weigh your options.

Regardless of who you’re working with, our sales team, our designers, our engineers—our owner, Jacob—we will go the extra mile. We look forward to getting to know you. So please do go ahead and browse. Ask questions. Take your time.

Once you’ve made your selections, precision is the name of our game. Ordering. Scheduling. Designing. Receiving that material and installing it into your home. Every step is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Your problem is our project, and your happiness is our honor.

Step #1 - Selecting

This is where we select the right materials for your home and put together colors and ideas. We can talk about how we will help as much or as little with design as each customer may want.

Step #2 - Ordering

Once the Selecting Process is over, we will order the materials selected & schedule the installation.

Step #3 - Jobsite Visit / Measuring

We will come to your home and get the measurements needed to order the correct amount of material and put suggestions together for your project if needed.

Step #4 - Detailed Drawing

Once we’ve made final selections we can get lead times and get your project in the works. We make notes and detailed drawings for our installers to work off of in your home.

Step #5 - Receive Material

We check in and double check we have the correct material.

Step #6 - Installation

This could be 1 day or 3 weeks depending on your project.

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